Okudzeto Ablakwa exposes alleged irregularities in Boankra project

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Okudzeto Ablakwa
Boankra Inland Port site

Member of , Hon. Samuel , has raised serious concerns regarding the Boankra Integrated Logistics Terminal (BILT) project, alleging irregularities and potential financial losses to the state.

In a detailed expose released to the public, Hon. Ablakwa accuses the /Bawumia government of engaging in what he terms “sleazy recklessness” that could result in a staggering US$3.6 billion judgment debt for Ghana.

According to the document, the project, which was initially valued at $330 million, was launched by President Nana Addo Dankwa on November 5th, 2020. However, Hon. Ablakwa alleges that the terms of the parliamentary resolution approving the project have been blatantly violated by the Transport Minister, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah.

The expose alleges that the Transport Minister unilaterally altered the parties involved in the project without parliamentary approval, subsequently terminating the concession agreement and favouring a company called Justmoh Construction Limited. This, the document claims, was done without adherence to procurement laws and transparency standards.

Furthermore, Hon. Ablakwa alleges that over GHS400 million has been paid to Justmoh Construction Limited under dubious circumstances, with additional payments requested despite a lack of justification for the costs.

The expose further states that the project has come to a halt, with works abandoned due to the alleged irregularities and ensuing legal disputes between the parties involved.

Hon. Ablakwa questions the government's ability to effectively manage such projects, criticizing what he perceives as a pattern of opacity and financial mismanagement.

The document concludes by promising further revelations in Part 2 of the expose, scheduled for release on Thursday.

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