Office of Former President John Mahama denounces false claims of prostate cancer diagnosis

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The office of Former President has issued a statement refuting allegations circulating on regarding his health. The false claims insinuate that Mr. Mahama has been diagnosed with prostate , purportedly based on comments attributed to Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi.

In response, Mr. Mahama's office categorically denies these allegations, labelling them as unfounded and likely propagated by individuals with malicious intent. The statement assures the public that Mr. Mahama is in good health and fully capable of assuming leadership responsibilities.

Furthermore, the office pledges to provide documentation to refute these claims and set the record straight. It urges the public to disregard such misinformation and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

For any further inquiries, the public is encouraged to contact , Special Aide to Former President , via email at

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