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NECT to enforce measures against road reservation encroachment

January 1, 2024
NECT to enforce measures against road reservation encroachment
Public Road in Ghana

The National Engineering Coordinating Team (NECT) has announced its commitment to enforce stringent measures to prevent the encroachment of road reservations, aiming to reduce the substantial costs incurred by the state.

In a meeting held in , stakeholders from utilities, telecommunications companies, the Roads Ministry, and engineers from various district assemblies discussed strategies to strengthen coordination in addressing the issue.

Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, President of NECT, highlighted the significant financial burden caused by encroachment on road reservations.

He emphasized that the widespread encroachment often leads to substantial compensation payments to squatters, placing a strain on the state's resources.

Dr. Ashigbey emphasized the need for strong coordination to curb these costs.

“As a country, we spend a lot of money paying for the relocation of squatters.

If we coordinate properly and work with the assemblies, these issues can be resolved,” stated Dr. Ashigbey.

He urged the district assemblies, which have the authority to issue permits, and their technical officers to intensify their efforts.

Dr. Ashigbey outlined a plan where issues related to permits would be forwarded to regional NECT offices for consideration and strict compliance.

Additionally, he announced the development of a policy guideline document supported by law, which would be launched by President Nana Addo Dankwah to ensure proper road reservations, particularly in rural areas.

Mr. Bukari Percy Annab, President of the Ghana Institute of Planning and Organizing Secretary for NECT, emphasized the financial implications of the lack of coordination between the infrastructure sector and utilities.

He urged district assemblies to conduct due diligence when granting permits to avoid encroachment.

The commitment by NECT and its stakeholders aims to streamline coordination efforts and address the persistent issue of road reservation encroachment, ultimately reducing costs associated with compensation and variations in road construction contracts.

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