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Minority criticizes Gov’t for renaming AMERI Plant as Kumasi Power Plant

April 15, 2024
Minority criticizes Gov’t for renaming AMERI Plant as Kumasi Power Plant
AMERI Power Plant / Kumasi Power Plant

Mr. Emmanuel , the Deputy Minority Leader and National Democratic Congress () Member of for Ellembele, has publicly condemned the government's decision to rename the AMERI Power Plant as Power Plant. In a press release, Mr. Buah described the renaming as “deceptive and shameful,” highlighting the pivotal role the plant played during Ghana's power crises under former President 's administration.

According to Mr. Buah, the AMERI units, each producing 25 megawatts of electricity, were crucial in addressing severe power shortages. He accused the current government of discrediting former President Mahama's efforts for political advantage, particularly during the early years of President 's administration when it renegotiated the AMERI contract. The renegotiation extended the original five-year deal with AMERI Energy to 15 years and involved a new management agreement with Mytilineous International Trading Company from Greece.

The Deputy Minority Leader credited the vigilance of the NDC Minority in Parliament and various with preventing what he claimed would have been excessive costs of over Ghc1 billion due to the renegotiated terms. He also noted that the controversy led to the dismissal of the then Energy Minister, Mr. Boakye Agyarko.

Mr. Buah further criticized the relocation of six power plant units to Anwomaso in the , intended to generate 150 megawatts for the middle belt of the country. He argued that renaming the facility to Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant was an attempt to distort its origins and diminish the achievements of the previous administration.

Emphasizing the importance of remembering the history of the Ameri Power Plant, Mr. Buah lamented the current state of Ghana's energy sector, marked by frequent power outages and financial struggles. He concluded by calling for leadership that is committed to honesty, accountability, and progress, asserting that the people of Ghana deserve transparent governance.

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