Man stabs lover’s husband to death in Oti

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Man stabs lover's husband to death in Oti

A dispute between two farmers in Okanta near , Region, has resulted in the alleged stabbing death of 52-year-old Kudzo Danyo. Eyewitnesses report that the altercation occurred during a meeting convened on Monday, April 8, to address a contentious issue between the deceased and his wife, Madam Brinna.

According to anonymous sources, the accused, Kwasi Badji, a 47-year-old farmer, attended the meeting without invitation, purportedly due to his romantic involvement with Madam Brinna. Tensions escalated when Danyo reportedly directed insults at his spouse, provoking Badji into a physical altercation. Witnesses claim that Badji, visibly enraged, brandished a sharp knife and inflicted multiple stab wounds on the victim.

Tragically, Danyo succumbed to his injuries while being transported to the hospital. In the aftermath of the incident, the suspect fled into the nearby bush, armed with a firearm and a machete, as per reports from eyewitnesses.

Subsequent to his initial escape, Badji returned to the town on Tuesday, April 9, allegedly in an attempt to gather belongings before evading capture. However, law enforcement authorities from the Police swiftly apprehended him upon his return.

At present, the suspect remains in police custody, aiding authorities in their ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal altercation.

Police sources have corroborated the incident, confirming the details of the altercation and subsequent arrest.

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