Mampong Akuapem launches Cocoa Heritage Festival

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Mampong Akuapem launches Cocoa Heritage Festival

The Mampong Akuapem Traditional Authority, in collaboration with the Municipal Assembly, has inaugurated the Cocoa Heritage Festival at the Mampong Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Museum in the . Themed “Celebrating the Golden Bean: Cocoa's Legacy and Future in Ghana,” the festival aims to honour cocoa's pivotal role in Ghana's economy and culture.

Nana Akua Perbea I, the Queen Mother of Mampong, highlighted the historical significance of cocoa, tracing its roots back to Tetteh Quarshie's establishment of the first cocoa farm in Mampong Akuapem. She emphasized cocoa's transformation into a cornerstone of Ghana's economy, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP and foreign exchange earnings.

Acknowledging cocoa farmers' dedication, she noted the importance of modern agronomic practices and hybrid seedlings in ensuring consistent yields throughout the year. The festival, she explained, seeks to preserve the historical narrative of cocoa's introduction to Ghana and honour the hard work of cocoa farmers.

Osabarima Kwame Otu Darte III, known as the “Cocoa Chief,” underscored the immense benefits brought to Mampong and the country by the cocoa crop. He recounted the pioneering efforts of John Kwame Ayo, who sold the first bag of cocoa in England for one pound.

Barima A.S. Asiedu-Larbi, the Municipal Chief Executive of Municipality, expressed gratitude to Tetteh Quarshie for his role in making cocoa a household name in Ghana. He affirmed the festival's permanence, promising annual celebrations with esteemed guests from across the country.

Highlighting the importance of tourism in Akuapeman, Barima Asiedu-Larbi invited Ghanaians to partake in the festival, featuring exhibitions of various cocoa products and tours of the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Museum. Nana Amanor, Ntiamoah Gyan II, Kyedomhene, raised concerns about cocoa lands being destroyed by activities and urged the government to take decisive action.

The Cocoa Heritage Festival promises to be an annual celebration of Ghana's rich cocoa heritage, bringing together communities, stakeholders, and visitors to honour cocoa's legacy and ensure its sustainable future.

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