Kweku Flick unveils Afro-Reggae single “Praise” featuring Grammy-nominated Rocky Dawuni

Kweku Flick unveils Afro-Reggae single "Praise" featuring Grammy-nominated Rocky Dawuni: Ghana News
Kweku Flick

Renowned Ghanaian artist Kweku Flick has entered the reggae realm with a soul-stirring Afro-reggae single titled “Praise,” featuring Grammy-nominated Rocky Dawuni.

The track pays homage to the Almighty Jah, adding Kweku Flick's distinctive touch to the global tradition of praising through reggae music.

Hailing from the reggae-rich roots of , the birthplace of legends like Bob Marley and former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, Kweku Flick's “Praise” is poised to resonate with reggae enthusiasts and followers of Jah Rastafari worldwide.

Kweku Flick, often hailed as Ghana's King of Melodies, has previously captivated audiences with hits like “Money” and the viral sensation “High.” “Praise” showcases his versatility, signaling a promising venture into the reggae genre.

The song, featuring a collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Rocky Dawuni, is a harmonious blend of soothing lyrics, evoking a spiritual ambiance that reflects on the supremacy of Jah.

The duet showcases vocal prowess, complemented by the seamless integration of guitars, drums, and electronic keyboards.

In an interview, Kweku Flick shared his connection to reggae, stating, “Reggae music has always been a part of my life.

As a kid, I listened to my father play reggae most of the time, and I fell in love with it.”

Expressing excitement about the collaboration with Rocky Dawuni, he added, “I am excited to receive guidance from one of Ghana's biggest reggae exports.”

Produced by Ghanaian Stallion and mastered by Apya, “Praise” is now available on various streaming platforms, offering music lovers a spiritual journey through Kweku Flick's enchanting reggae debut.

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