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ICGC, Lighthouse Chapel among churches missing from National Cathedral donor list

July 1, 2022
ICGC, Lighthouse Chapel among churches missing from National Cathedral donor list
National Cathedral

A document sighted by has revealed that Dr Mensa Otabil's International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) and International are among the churches that have not donated to the construction of the .

Also, the has not made any contribution since the donations began in 2018.

On the contrary, of Pentecost has donated a total of ¢700,000, making it the largest donor so far.

Others including the of Ghana and the Southern Ghana Union of SDA have contributed ¢200,000 each whiles Action Chapel International has contributed ¢300,000.

The Methodist Church of Ghana, Christ Apostolic Church, the Triumphant Baptist Church, Kwadaso and others have equally donated ¢100,000 each.

5/18/2018Evangel Church International5,000.00
12/11/2018Christian Action Faith Ministry100,000.00
12/28/2018Perez Chapel International Church48,200.00
12/31/2018Fountain Gate Church15,000.00
12/31/2018Fountain Gate Church5,000.00
12/31/2018Manna Mission Church5,000.00
12/31/2018Harvest Chapel International Church15,000.00
12/31/2018Breaking Yoke Ministry Church100,000.00
1/2/2019Christ Apostolic Church25,000.00
1/8/2019The Lord's Parliament Chapel International Church5,000.00
1/9/2019Fountain Gate Chapel4,842.50
1/9/2019Eastwood Anaba Ministries9,685.00
1/10/2019Precious Seed Chapel Church1,500.00
1/23/2019Perez Chapel International Church55,000.00
2/6/2019Revival Restoration Center2,000.00
3/19/2020 Ridge Church15,643.80
3/20/2020Power Foundation Church3,000.00
9/6/2021Banner of Grace Family Chapel5,000.00
10/1/2011Conquerors Chapel International1,000.00
10/21/2021Church of Pentecost Headquarters200,000.00
11/4/2021Southern Ghana Union of SDA200,000.00
11/30/2021Presbyterian Church of Ghana200,000.00
12/9/2021National Clergy Association of Ghana10,000.00
12/9/2021The Church of Christ (Spiritual Movement)5,000.00
12/13/2021Holy Love Temple500.00
1/24/2022Action Chapel International200,000.00
Feb 2022The Great Commission Church International10,000.00
The Methodist Church of Ghana- Sefwi 10,000.00
Assemblies of God – Ashanti west10,000.00
Presbyterian Church of Ghana – Presbytery50,000.00
Women in Ministry International1030.00
Ebenezer Methodist Church – Bantama5,000.00
March 2022The Ghana Evangelical Convention – Korle-Bu20,000.00
The Great Commission Church International1,000.00
Maranatha Evangelical Ministry10,000.00
Christ Apostolic Church International100,000.00
The Church of Pentecost (General Headquarters)500,000.00
April 2022Salvation Army – Ashanti Central Agona2,000.00
The Great Commission Church International – Madina1,000.00
Triumphant Baptist Church-Kwadaso100,000.00
The Ghana Baptist Convention20,000.00
The Methodist Church of Ghana100,000.00
May 2022The Great Commission Church International1,000.00
Mid Ghana Sector (Ghana Baptist Convention)30,000.00
GRAND TOTAL2,207,401.30
Donations made by churches from 2018 to date

Many have attributed the absence of ICGC on the list of contributors to the exit of its founder, Dr Mensa Otabil, from the Cathedral's Board of Trustees.

It was asserted by Samuel that the desertion by the theologian was due to the illegality being perpetrated by the government with respect to the project.

Founder of ICGC, Dr Mensa Otabil

According to the legislator, “There is quite an uneasy calm among the Board of Trustees.

And I can confirm to you that one imminent priest has walked away from the Board; the revered Dr Mensa Otabil is no longer with them.

“The whole year, he has not attended any of their meetings. It is not clear what his intention was, but he has given indication that all is not well,” he told JoyNews on Sunday, June 12.

Currently, the total fundraising by the Board of Trustees towards the project has accrued ¢31.75 million since 2018.

Out of the figure, the churches donated a total of ¢2.21 million.

This was disclosed by the Board when it launched another mass fundraising strategy dubbed, ‘The National Cathedral Week' on Wednesday, June 29 in Accra.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Apostle Prof Opoku Onyinah, has said the fundraising will help boost efforts at raising the required funds for the project.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is Founder of Lighthouse Chapel International

“The result of the fundraising so far does not meet the demands of the cash flow for the construction.

Thus, we have reached a very critical stage where our fundraising efforts have to be scaled up.

“Overall, the central thrust of our fundraising during the National Cathedral Week is mass mobilisation.

And our expectation is to raise one million Ghanaian Christians who will commit to giving at least GH¢100 a month to the National Cathedral Project.

With a Christian population of over 20 million in the country, that is doable,” he said.

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