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I prefer supporting as non-ministerial MP — Kwaku Kwarteng

February 19, 2024
I prefer supporting as non-ministerial MP — Kwaku Kwarteng
Kwaku Kwarteng

The Member of (MP) for , Kwaku Kwarteng, has confirmed declining an invitation to serve in President 's cabinet during the recent reshuffle. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity given to him in the first term as Deputy Minister for Finance, Mr Kwarteng emphasized his belief that he can better support the government's work from his role in Parliament.

In a statement, he stated, “It is my humble belief that I can better support the work of government from Parliament.” He further explained his intention to play a dedicated role in crafting the 's messages and governance strategies leading up to the 2024 general elections. Mr Kwarteng highlighted his position as the current Chairman of Parliament's Finance Committee, which allows him to scrutinize financial policies and provide meaningful oversight.

While expressing gratitude to the President for his influence on his political career, Mr Kwarteng affirmed his readiness to support the President's vision in various capacities. This decision aligns with reports indicating that both Mr Kwarteng and another MP, Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie, rejected appointments as Health and Finance Ministers, respectively.

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