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Government and NGO collaborate to distribute coconut seedlings to farmers in Bia East District

February 6, 2024
Government and NGO collaborate to distribute coconut seedlings to farmers in Bia East District
The coconut seedlings

The Bia East District Assembly in the Region, in partnership with the Safety-Net Programme, a Non-Governmental Organization (), has taken a significant step towards supporting local farmers by distributing 8,000 coconut seedlings free of charge.

Mr. Nicholas Yayin Kupog, the District Chief Executive for Bia East, handed over the seedlings to the District Agriculture Officer for onward distribution to farmers. He emphasized the government's commitment to supporting farmers with alternative livelihoods and enhancing the agricultural sector's productivity for export.

Expressing appreciation for the government's initiative, Mr Kupog highlighted the potential economic benefits the coconut seedlings would bring to the beneficiary farmers and their families in the coming years. He urged the farmers to diligently plant and nurture the seedlings, particularly during the dry season, to ensure their successful growth.

Mr Kupog encouraged residents to maintain trust in the government, citing the administration's track record of bringing development to the district. Additionally, he announced plans to distribute palm seedlings to farmers in the area, diversifying their agricultural activities beyond cocoa production.

Mr. Charles Ennin, the Bia East District Director of Food and Agriculture (), received the seedlings on behalf of the farmers. He assured that agricultural officers in various communities would provide necessary assistance to ensure the seedlings were planted according to acceptable standards.

Beneficiary farmers expressed gratitude to the government for the gesture and pledged to adhere to best practices in planting the seedlings. They recognized the value of coconuts in supporting their livelihoods, particularly during the off-season of cocoa production.

This collaborative effort between the government and the Safety-Net Programme demonstrates a commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity, diversifying income sources for farmers, and ultimately improving the socio-economic well-being of communities in the Bia East District.

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