Ghanaian voters express widespread discontent and concerns – Global InfoAnalytics

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Ghanaian voters express widespread discontent and concerns - Global InfoAnalytics

A recent opinion poll conducted by Global InfoAnalytics for the first quarter of 2024 has unveiled deep-seated discontent among Ghanaian voters regarding the country's trajectory. The poll indicates that a significant majority of Ghanaians believe that the nation is heading in the wrong direction, with concerns spanning various aspects of governance and societal issues.

According to the poll findings, a striking 65% of voters expressed apprehension that Ghana is veering off-course, contrasting sharply with the 25% who maintain optimism about the nation's direction. This sentiment is echoed across all regions, with particularly pronounced dissatisfaction observed in the Volta, Greater , and Western regions, where 82%, 79%, and 86% of voters, respectively, feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

In terms of governance, a majority of voters (52%) perceive the government's performance as ranging from very poor to poor. Concerns about are widespread, with 52% of voters reporting an increase in under the current government.

Regarding living standards, 51% of respondents indicated a deterioration in their standard of living over the past year, while only 19% reported an improvement.

When it comes to confidence in institutions, the poll suggests a surge in trust towards the and the , particularly concerning election security and management. Sixty-four percent of voters expressed confidence in the Police Service, while 59% had faith in the .

Key policies such as the policy elicited mixed opinions, with 67% of voters benefiting directly from it, yet a substantial 67% believe that the policy requires a review due to numerous challenges. Similarly, opinions on the controversial + bill were divided, with 59% supporting its approval and 32% opposing it.

Regarding potential electoral implications, 50% of voters believe that the President's refusal to assent to the + bill will not influence their vote in the upcoming elections, while 37% assert that it will.

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