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Family Health Medical School 54 graduates inducted as doctors

December 30, 2023
Family Health Medical School 54 graduates inducted as doctors
Family Health Medical School

The Medical and Dental Council has officially inducted 54 graduates from the Family Health Medical School into the medical profession as doctors.

The induction ceremony, held under the theme “Guiding the Professions, Protecting the Public,” celebrated the accomplishment of the newly qualified doctors who completed their studies in 2023.

The founder of Family Health University College and President of Family Health Medical School, Professor Enyonam Yao Kwawukume, urged other medical schools to establish hospitals to enhance clinical training for students.

Family Health Medical School has its own hospital, the Family Health Hospital, providing clinical training and skills for students—a significant milestone as the first private medical school with its hospital in Ghana.

Dr. Charles Fleischer-Djoleto, the Dean of the Medical School, emphasized the importance of hard work, and respect for patients and colleagues, and encouraged the newly inducted doctors to accept postings regardless of the location to showcase their capabilities.

Mrs. Rita Kaine, the Registrar of Family Health University College, expressed pride in witnessing the induction of the third batch of medical students into the profession.

She highlighted the school's commitment to bridging the doctor-patient ratio gap in Ghana and reiterated their dedication to training more medical doctors.

The 2023 Course Representative acknowledged the school's solid platform for medical education, praising the exposure to excellent lecturers and practical training that prepares students for the job market.

The inductees, who spent six years at the school, graduated in September 2023, and the induction marks their official entry into the medical profession.

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