EPA calls for citizen action to reduce greenhouse emissions

Environmental Protection Agency calls for citizen action to reduce greenhouse emissions
Pollution in Ghana

The Deputy Director of the (EPA) in the , Mr. Kwadwo Opoku-Mensah, emphasized the importance of citizen involvement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change effects in Ghana.

Speaking at a stakeholder engagement on natural resource and environmental governance in , Mr Opoku-Mensah highlighted the need for awareness and behavioural change to address methane emissions, a significant component of greenhouse gases affecting the earth's temperature.

He urged citizens to make conscious efforts to reduce waste and avoid activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, such as open burning.

Mr. Opoku-Mensah acknowledged the challenge of balancing the essential needs of society, such as food production, energy generation, and infrastructure development, with the imperative to reduce emissions.

The stakeholders discussed climate change and adaptation plans during the event organized by Friends of Nation (FON) with support from Ghana.

Mr. Opoku-Mensah outlined the various activities contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, including the use of fossil fuels, industrial production, deforestation, and waste management.

He emphasized the importance of mitigation measures, such as reducing emissions and enhancing forest preservation, as well as adaptation measures to increase resilience to climate change impacts.

The Deputy Director suggested leveraging policy frameworks like the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (NCCAS) and engaging stakeholders to address climate change challenges.

Participants in the event recommended government commitment to curbing and deforestation, promoting re-afforestation, encouraging renewable energy sources, and addressing waste disposal issues.

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