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Do not buy second-hand gas cylinders – GNFS warns

August 14, 2023

The (GNFS) Regional Command has warned against the patronage of second-hand gas cylinders as old and desolate gas cylinders have contributed to gas explosions in the country.

The Tema GNFS Deputy Regional Commander, Divisional Officer Grade I (DOI) Franklin Masiku, in an interview with the in Tema, said Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) users must adhere to the requisite safety measures governing its use.

“Safety requirements cannot be compromised under any circumstances as the result is always fatal,” he said, stressing that whether for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes the safety procedures must be followed.

DOI Masiku expressed concern over the rampant gas explosion in the country saying some of them could be attributed to the use of old and second-hand LPG cylinders.

He stated that the public should always check to see if their cylinders were in good shape before refilling and that they should not be refilled to the brim since they could easily trigger explosions.

He said the Tema Regional Command periodically carried out safety audits at strategic installations, institutions, markets, and public establishments as well as Fuel and Gas stations to enforce the safety regulations.

He cautioned the public that with the harmattan season present the moisture content in the atmosphere had reduced, hence combustibles could easily trigger fire outbreaks and so must exercise caution in all their activities.

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