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Discard Misconceptions about the COVID-19 Vaccines – NCCE to Ghanaians

February 24, 2021

According to the Commission, the evidence “is overwhelming that no matter which one an individual takes, the vaccines offer life-saving protection against the pandemic.”

Mrs Vera Ofei, the Municipal Director, said the pandemic was far from over, citing how it continued to devastate humanity and the global economy.

With the emergence of the new variant, Omicron, many countries worldwide are taking stringent measures, including the imposition of travel restrictions to contain its spread.

According to the (WHO), early evidence suggests the new variant could have a higher re-infection risk, urging nations to work hard to achieve herd immunity.

Ms Ofei, speaking at a focus group discussion on COVID-19, at Oforikrom in the , enjoined the citizenry to also adhere strictly to the safety protocols.

She was unhappy about the lukewarm attitude towards the wearing of the face masks and warned that “Ghana is not yet out of the woods.”

The programme was organized by the Municipal NCCE Office to enable the Commission to obtain more in-depth information about perceptions and experiences of mitigation strategies used to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

A cross-section of the society, encompassing opinion, traditional and religious leaders, health personnel and persons with disabilities, youth and women groups and the media participated in the discussion.

Mrs Ofei advocated behavioural change towards the pandemic, saying “we should be each other's keeper.” She said the NCCE had resolved to engage the public regularly to create the needed awareness on the pandemic.

The discussion focused on the symptoms, case management, safety protocols, awareness of the rate of infection, as well as the ongoing vaccination exercise.

Mrs Abena Agyapomaah, a Senior Community Health Nurse at the Anwomaso Health Centre, said the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine far outweighed the risk factors. Therefore, the citizenry should avail themselves of vaccination to help overcome the threats posed by the pandemic.

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