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CCTV exposes prison officers aiding a Chinese prisoner escape

March 12, 2024
CCTV exposes prison officers aiding a Chinese prisoner escape

Two prison officers, Joseph Oteng and Sergeant Isaac Boateng Bonsu, have appeared before an on charges of aiding the escape of Wang Xiao, a Chinese convict at Medium Prison.

The officers are facing charges of conspiracy and aiding escape after CCTV footage from a hotel exposed them escorting the convict to meet his wife, who allegedly assisted in his escape.

The accused officers initially reported that the convict escaped after being approached by a car upon leaving the hospital. However, CCTV footage revealed a different story, showing them accompanying Wang Xiao to a hotel room where his wife was waiting.

The prosecution alleges that the officers agreed to accompany the convict to the hotel in exchange for a reward of GH¢1,000, which they planned to split. After removing Wang Xiao's handcuffs, they escorted him to the hotel reception, where they were given food and drink by the convict's wife.

Upon returning to the hotel room, the officers discovered that both the convict and his wife had fled through the balcony. They then attempted to conceal the handcuffs at a hockey station in .

The accused officers later informed their superiors that the convict had escaped in a taxi, but further investigation led to their arrest and subsequent court appearance.

Bail has been granted to both accused officers in the sum of GH¢100,000 each, with two sureties to be justified. They are scheduled to reappear in court on April 9, 2024.

The prosecution, led by Chief Inspector Wisdom Alorwu, presented evidence suggesting that the officers knowingly aided the convict's escape, leading to formal charges and legal proceedings against them.

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