Cape Coast residents remind government of promise to build cargo airport, as mid-year budget review approaches

Residents in the Metropolis are urging the government to fulfil its promise of constructing a Cargo Airport in the historic city of Cape Coast.

With confidence in the government's commitment, the residents are appealing for budgetary allocation in the Mid-Year Budget Review, scheduled for Thursday, July 27, to make the long-awaited project a reality.

The proposed Cargo Airport, with a focus on tourism and aviation excellence, aims to become Africa's leading centre for large-scale aircraft repair and personnel training to facilitate rapid responses during emergencies.

This initiative aligns with the government's economic transformation agenda to bolster intra-Africa trade through the (AFCTA).

The residents believe that the airport will not only enhance tourism-related businesses but also attract investment in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics.

The facility is expected to diversify local economic activities, leading to job creation, higher income levels, and an improved standard of living.

The promise to construct the airport was initially made during the launch of the New Patriotic Party's ('s) manifesto in Cape Coast. Since then, government officials have reiterated their commitment to the project, assuring the people of Cape Coast that it will indeed materialize.

Mr. George Essen, an Administrator with the , emphasized that the presence of an airport would necessitate the development of supporting infrastructure, such as improved roads and transportation networks, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life in rural areas.

Additionally, the airport's establishment is expected to foster increased tourism, leading to the growth of the local tourism industry. Ms. Florence Ansaba, a cultural enthusiast, also pointed out that the facility would promote cultural exchange and understanding among tourists from diverse backgrounds, preserving local traditions and appreciating the region's cultural heritage.

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