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Bawku: MP Mohammed Bawah Braimah criticizes government for inaction on conflict

January 2, 2024
MP Mohammed Bawah Braimah criticizes government for inaction on Bawku conflict

The Member of (MP) for Ejura-Sekyedumase and a member of Parliament's Defence and Interior Committee, Mohammed Bawah Braimah, has raised concerns over the government's perceived failure to address the prolonged conflict in , emphasizing its potential impact on .

Braimah criticized the current administration, highlighting the need for decisive action to bring about a lasting resolution to the Bawku conflict. He expressed worry about the security threat posed to the nation if the government does not effectively manage the situation.

Describing the conflict as unfortunate, Braimah emphasized the historical coexistence of the tribes involved, bonded by intermarriage. He lamented the continuous loss of innocent lives and the pervasive impact on all aspects of life in the Bawku area.

Speaking to journalists in during the annual Sukuma Festival of the Bissa Community in Ghana, Braimah underscored the importance of government intervention in ending the conflict.

He suggested that if the government had taken bold steps, the conflict could have been resolved, stating, “If we cannot contain only Bawku, then we are in trouble.”

Braimah called attention to the government's control over the state security apparatus, urging it to leverage resources like the police, BNI, and military to address the conflict effectively.

He questioned why the government, with the approval of annual security budgets, has not been able to bring an end to the long-standing issue.

“You have the police, the BNI, the military, everything in your hand. Every year, every security budget that is brought to Parliament is approved. So why can't we nip this problem in the bud?” he asked.

The MP urged the government to take pragmatic measures to find a lasting solution, preventing the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of properties.

Alhaji Shaibu Musah Gutare, Chairman of the Bissa Development Association (BDA), joined the call for the government to ensure lasting peace in Bawku, emphasizing the importance of finding a resolution to the conflict.

The annual Sukuma Festival serves as a platform for Chiefs, elders, and people of the Bissa Community to deliberate on progress. Organized by the Bissa Youth Association, the event showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Bissa people.

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