Kasoa Soldier Murder: Why Are We Holding Benlord?

Why are we, indeed, holding Benlord? What purpose does it serve? I've long held the belief that it's a settled principle, as stated in the Book of Life, that ‘Those who draw a sword shall die by the sword.' Isn't this sentiment mirrored in the teachings of the Quran too? I'm referring to the principle of “an eye for an eye.

What rationale justifies keeping in custody a man who callously took another's life in front of uniformed police officers without provocation? Why should Ghana expend resources feeding and transporting him to court when, by his actions, he has seemingly forfeited his right to liberty? Why arrest him when the police officers present at the scene could have swiftly neutralized him, sparing us the expense and hassle of a trial? They should have acted decisively.

I make this assertion because, our legal system mandates due process, even for the most heinous of crimes. Despite the damning video evidence, the burden of proof still falls on the prosecution to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, Benlord's guilt. It's a frustrating reality that allows individuals like him to potentially evade justice through legal technicalities and skilled defense Attorneys.

Let the trial begin, and the rest would be long long-winding legal jargon with the touches of Latin.

For this deranged individual to brazenly pull the trigger in the presence of police officers, ending the life of military personnel over a mere half-plot of land, suggests that this isn't an isolated incident, but rather a brazen display of power and impunity. It implies he may have taken the lives of others over similar disputes in the past.

I dare say, that had it not been for the video footage, this individual would likely have been roaming free without any consequences.

My inquiries from Fetteh reveal that this has been his modus operandi. He is allegedly supported by certain elements within the , making him untouchable despite being on the wanted list for his involvement in land-guard activities and multiple killings.

Do you now understand why he doesn't deserve the liberty to walk freely after taking the law into his own hands?

In my candid opinion, the Police present should have swiftly zeroed him, sparing no bullets, to ensure he faces the same fate he imposed on others.

May the souls of the soldier and all those who have tragically lost their lives at the hands of Benlord find eternal peace.

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