Back up allegations with evidence within 24 hours – NIA Boss challenges University of Ghana’s Prof Gyampo

The (NIA) has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Professor Ransford Gyampo, a Political Science lecturer at the , to provide details of his alleged research on registration equipment.

In a recent Facebook post, Prof Gyampo claimed that the distribution of equipment for producing Ghana Cards favoured the ruling New Patriotic Party () and disadvantaged the opposition National Democratic Congress ().

The NIA responded in a statement, challenging Gyampo to publish relevant details of his research within the given time frame. This would allow for an objective assessment of the nature, purpose, scope, and methodology of the research, as well as the soundness of his findings and conclusions.

The NIA dismissed Prof Gyampo's allegations, describing them as “idle rumour-mongering” without any evidential support. The Authority expressed disappointment that a Political Science professor would make such scurrilous claims and emphasized that it is unbecoming of a professor to publish a bare allegation without any evidence to support it.

The NIA also rejected Prof Gyampo's advice to accept his findings, stating that it has no reasonable basis to do so. The Authority maintained that it will not accept any conflict-laden allegations without proof and circumspection.

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