Women empowerment must go beyond advocacy, policies– First Lady

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Women empowerment must go beyond advocacy, policies– First Lady

The First Lady, Mrs. , emphasized that women's empowerment should extend beyond mere advocacy and policy initiatives. She emphasized the importance of shifting mindsets and challenging stereotypes to truly empower women.

Speaking at an event organized by Pascal Gally, a PlayMaker, Mrs. stressed the need to challenge outdated stereotypes and dismantle patriarchal structures. She highlighted the significance of fostering a culture of respect and equality to bring about real empowerment.

Mrs. underscored the economic and social imperative of empowering women, citing studies that demonstrate the significant contribution of gender empowerment to global growth. She emphasized that when women are empowered, economies thrive, communities prosper, and societies flourish.

The event featured a mock trial where legal practitioners Adam Anna Bossman and Ace Ankomah argued for and against women deserving praise for their contributions to society. Witnesses, including Ms. Yvonne Bettkober and Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, provided insights into the roles of women in society.

As the head of the grand jury, Mrs. Akufo-Addo ruled in favour of women deserving praise, emphasizing the importance of granting them access to fully participate in the of their countries.

Pascal Gally, the Founder of Choc des Legendes, highlighted the indispensable role of women in facilitating society's functionality. Madam Elsie Effah Kauffman, an academician, praised the mock trial for its entertaining and educational nature, while veteran Ghanaian actress Madam Edinam Atatsi described the festival as a learning process that highlighted the importance of advocating for women's issues.

Yvonne Bettkober, the Executive President in Charge of Transformation at Volkswagen Group, emphasized the need for society to defend the cause of women.

The Choc des Legendes festival, themed “The Praise of Women,” is an eloquence arts and culture event that started seven years ago in Europe. This year marks its first edition held in Africa.

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