Volta Region to distribute over 1.2 million treated bed nets

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Volta Region to distribute over 1.2 million treated bed nets

Dr. Chrysantus Kubio, the Volta Regional Director of Health Services, has announced plans to distribute more than 1.2 million long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets as part of the region's Point Mass Distribution (PMD) campaign to combat malaria.

The distribution campaign, scheduled from April 11 to April 15, 2024, follows a successful household registration process conducted between February 29 and March 4, 2024. Dr. Kubio revealed that the five-day exercise aims to cover 466,857 registered households, benefiting a population of over two million people in the region.

Highlighting the significance of the PMD campaign, Dr. Kubio emphasized that it is a crucial malaria preventive strategy implemented by the national malaria elimination program. The campaign will follow a universal coverage approach, providing one net for every two persons in registered households.

This year's campaign comprises three phases: pre-campaign, campaign, and post-campaign activities. It serves as a replacement for bed nets distributed between November and December 2021, following the three-year effective cycle.

Dr. Kubio noted that despite the introduction of a new variable identifying households that refused registration, a total of 3,563 households across the region declined to participate for various reasons. He reassured that the distributed nets would remain effective beyond the 3-year chemical lifespan and 20 washes.

Additionally, some of the distributed nets will feature dual chemical protection against insecticide resistance in certain regions. Dr. Kubio reiterated the cost-effectiveness of insecticide-treated bed nets in reducing malaria cases and preventing under-five deaths.

Togbega Gabusu VII, of Gbi Traditional Area, emphasized the importance of the malaria prevention campaign, acknowledging the significant role it plays in addressing public health concerns. He called for cooperation among stakeholders to ensure equitable distribution of bed nets, especially to vulnerable groups like expectant mothers and young children.

Mr. Roland Glover, the Regional Malaria Focal Person, commended the region's progress in reducing malaria cases. He explained that the PMD campaign is part of a redesigned approach aimed at achieving universal coverage principles in distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to households.

Mr. Glover urged support from all stakeholders, including religious leaders, traditional authorities, and the media, to ensure the successful distribution of bed nets and further contribute to malaria prevention efforts in the .

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