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UN refugee agency: 200,000 people flee Sudan as violence erupts

October 14, 2023
UN refugee agency: 200,000 people flee Sudan as violence erupts
Refugee from Sudan

According to the (UN) refugee agency, UNHCR, around 200,000 people have fled from to neighbouring countries due to violence in the country. Many of those who fled are malnourished children arriving in .

Around 60,000 people, including 30,000 in the past few days, have arrived in Chad through the desert, while 90% of the new arrivals are women and children.

UNHCR spokesperson Olga Sarrado has said that one-fifth of the young children are malnourished.

The UNHCR has called for immediate financial support for all actors involved in the response to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and prevent tensions over strained resources.

The organization is also calling for support for those forced to flee their homes to be provided in a dignified manner.

At a Geneva press briefing, a spokesperson from the UN children's agency, , revealed that a factory in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, which produced food for malnourished children, has burnt down.

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder described the incident as the “darkest, most distinct illustration to date of how this conflict threatens the lives of children through multiple means.”

The factory produced 60% of the ready-made food cartons in Sudan. It remains unknown whether the factory was deliberately torched.

Despite the urgency and severity of the crisis, support from the private sector has been slow compared to other emergencies. UNHCR called for $445 million last week, and a new appeal is expected.

The situation in Sudan remains concerning, and those affected by the conflict require immediate assistance.

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