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U.S. expresses concern over Ghanaian Parliament’s passage of Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill

February 29, 2024
U.S. expresses concern over Ghanaian Parliament's passage of Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill

The has expressed deep concern over the recent passage of legislation by the Ghanaian , known as the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill. This bill has raised significant alarm as it poses a threat to the constitutionally protected freedoms of speech, press, and assembly for all Ghanaians.

The legislation aims to criminalize individuals who identify as LGBTQI+, as well as anyone in their social circles who fails to report them to authorities. Such measures not only target a specific group but also undermine the fundamental rights of all citizens.

In response to the bill, there have been calls from various quarters within Ghana urging a review of its constitutionality to safeguard the rights of every individual in the country.

Aside from the infringement on civil liberties, the bill also has broader implications for Ghana's public health, media, civic spaces, and economy. International business coalitions have warned that discriminatory laws could hinder business activities and economic growth in the nation.

Ghana has a longstanding tradition of tolerance, peace, and respect for human rights, which has served as a model for other nations. The passage of this legislation, however, is seen as inconsistent with these core values and threatens to undermine Ghana's reputation for stability and prosperity.

As discussions around the bill continue, both domestically and internationally, stakeholders are urging a reconsideration of its provisions to ensure that Ghana remains a beacon of democracy and human rights in the region.

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