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Trader remanded for alleged robbery after proposal gone awry

March 11, 2024
Trader remanded for alleged robbery after proposal gone awry

Michael Gaza, a 23-year-old trader, has been remanded into police custody by the Achimota Circuit Court following allegations of robbery. Gaza stands accused of proposing to a lady and subsequently robbing her of her mobile phone and money at knifepoint. Charged with two counts of robbery, Gaza pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to reappear before the court on March 21, 2024.

The prosecution, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Stephen Ahiale, outlined the events leading to Gaza's arrest. According to ASP Ahiale, the complainants, Princess Eze and Ashley Phil, both Nigerian nationals residing in Osu and respectively, fell victim to Gaza's alleged crimes.

The prosecution narrated that on January 3, 2024, Gaza approached Princess Eze during her outing in Osu and engaged her in conversation. Subsequently, Gaza proposed to Princess and persuaded her to accompany him to his hotel in the Accra Mall area. However, en route, Gaza, along with an accomplice who remains at large, diverted the taxi through an untarred road at the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout.

It was reported that Gaza, seated in the back seat with Princess, brandished a knife and demanded her valuables. Princess complied, surrendering her Techno 8 Pro Mobile phone valued at GHC2,000 and transferring GHC1,800 in cash as instructed by Gaza. Gaza then forcibly ejected Princess from the vehicle before absconding.

The prosecution continued by detailing a similar incident involving Ashley Phil on February 28, 2024. Gaza allegedly employed the same modus operandi, luring Ashley to the Tetteh Quarshie area where he robbed her of her iPhone 8 Plus valued at GHC2,500 and extorted GHC200 from her through a transfer.

Gaza's apprehension occurred on March 2, 2024, after Ashley identified him in the same taxi along Oxford Street in Osu and raised an alarm. Although Gaza was arrested, his accomplice managed to evade capture. Princess subsequently identified Gaza as her assailant at the Osu Police station.

As investigations continue into the alleged robberies, Gaza remains in police custody pending further legal proceedings. The case underscores the importance of vigilance and caution, particularly in interactions with strangers, and serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by criminal elements within society.

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