TMA to the assess performance of Assembly Members

TMA to the assess performance of Assembly Members
Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashitey

Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, Metropolitan Chief Executive has disclosed that the Assembly will from the third quarter of this year introduce a ‘horse racing assessment' for the performance of Assembly Members.

Speaking during their General Assembly Meeting, he said the assessment would be carried out on a monthly basis as a way to deepen the participation of Assembly Members in the Metropolis.

He added that it would also create healthy competition among them to discharge their responsibilities to the people as required and special awards would be handed over to the winners every quarter as a form of motivation for the members to actively participate in the TMA's activities.

This scheme, he said would be managed by one of the Assembly's (CSOs) using some key performance indicators (KPI) fashioned around health, sanitation, operation clean your frontage, community engagement, and others.

Under health, the Assembly Members would receive scores for the number of community health management committee meetings they attended and their participation in health facility assessment (Ghana Community Scorecard).

Sanitation-wise, they would be assessed based on the number of clean-up exercises organized by the unit committee members and actively participated by the Assembly Member, by the Local Governance Act, 2016.

They would also be scored on the number of community engagements they organized after a general assembly meeting, as well as the number of meetings with the Unit Committee Members, facilitation and sustainability of community initiatives, attendance of parents' teacher association meetings, and school management committee meetings.

The TMA Assembly Members would also be assessed on the number of general assembly meetings they attended, as well as sub-committees and sub-metro meetings.

According to the KPI, a score for exceptional activity or action would be acknowledged, while any breach of oath and misconduct as captured in the Local Government Act would attract a deduction in score.

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