Tema: Poor sanitation remains our biggest challenge –Director of Sanitation

Poor sanitation remains the biggest challenge for Tema
Poor Sanitation at Tema Beach

Wisdom Aditsey, the Director of Sanitation at the Metropolitan Assembly, emphasized that poor sanitation remains the biggest challenge for the Assembly.

Mr Aditsey expressed the ongoing struggle to maintain cleanliness in the harbour city due to widespread littering and dumping of waste despite regular clean-up efforts.

“People just throw trash everywhere, making it tough to control. We clean up, but the next morning, there's more garbage left behind, and we must struggle to pick it up again. It's frustrating,” remarked Aditsey.

He highlighted the Assembly's resource constraints in its efforts to keep the city clean and called for stakeholder support.

Aditsey emphasized the need for continuous monitoring of specific areas to ensure cleanliness but cited financial challenges hindering the hiring of personnel for constant surveillance.

“We need to monitor specific areas 24/7 to maintain cleanliness, but it's expensive to hire people for constant surveillance, and the Assembly can't afford it,” he stated.

Despite ongoing public education initiatives on proper waste disposal, Aditsey noted that the situation was escalating and becoming increasingly challenging to manage.

He called for collaborative efforts and support to address the persistent sanitation issues the Tema Metropolitan Assembly faced.

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