Sunyani Municipal Assembly enhances urban services with procurement of specialized truck

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Sunyani Municipal Assembly enhances urban services with procurement of specialized truck

The Municipal Assembly has bolstered its capacity to address urban infrastructure challenges with the acquisition of a swing crane truck, aimed at facilitating the maintenance of streetlights and servicing high-rise buildings in the Bono regional capital.

Funded through the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Project (GSCSP), the procurement of the specialized truck underscores the commitment of the assembly towards efficient urban management and service delivery. Spearheaded by the 's International Development Association (IDA), the GSCSP initiative aligns with the Government's broader urban development and decentralization agenda.

Mr. John Ansu Kumi, the Municipal Chief Executive, highlighted the significance of the swing crane truck, emphasizing its role in streamlining maintenance efforts for streetlights and facilitating work on high-rise structures. Notably, the assembly's proactive approach in acquiring such equipment underscores its dedication to modernizing infrastructure and enhancing municipal services.

Furthermore, Mr. Kumi commended the progress of various development projects underway in the municipality under the GSCSP's phase three. These include initiatives such as landfill reclamation, storm drain construction, and access road improvement, all aimed at elevating the urban landscape and improving residents' quality of life.

Specifically, ongoing works on the access road linking Petra Hotel and Sunyani Estate to the Sunyani Jubilee Park area demonstrate the tangible impact of the GSCSP in enhancing transportation infrastructure. The assembly has expressed confidence in the contractors, urging them to maintain the pace of work to ensure timely project completion.

Moreover, the GSCSP has contributed to improved urban security through transformative street lighting initiatives, construction of pedestrian walkways, and enhancement of access roads. These efforts underscore the comprehensive approach adopted by the Sunyani Municipal Assembly to address multifaceted urban challenges and foster sustainable development.

In summary, the procurement of the swing crane truck and ongoing infrastructure projects underscore the Sunyani Municipal Assembly's commitment to advancing urban development and ensuring efficient service delivery for residents. Through strategic investments and collaborative efforts, the municipality aims to create a vibrant and resilient urban environment conducive to economic growth and community well-being.

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