Stakeholders must help deal with transit cargo diversion – GRA

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Stakeholders must help deal with transit cargo diversion - GRA

The Customs Division of the (GRA) has underscored the need for stakeholders' collaboration in combating the diversion of transit cargoes, which results in revenue loss for the country.

Mr. Fechin Akoto, the Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Suspense Regime, GRA-Customs Division, emphasized the Division's commitment to eradicating cargo diversions entirely. Speaking at a stakeholder engagement in focusing on transit cargo security, Mr. Akoto noted the importance of addressing issues such as overloading and over-gauging of transit vehicles, shedding of overloaded vehicles, and accurate weight declaration at transit terminals.

During the engagement, stakeholders discussed various challenges, including the containerization of high-risk goods, monitoring transit goods along corridors, and the introduction of SIGMAT (the Regional Network for Transit Trade) to strengthen transit security measures.

Mr. David Songotu, the Transit Manager at Port, emphasized the necessity of collaboration among stakeholders to ensure that transit trade contributes the actual revenue required for the country's development. He highlighted the significant number of individuals involved in transit trade and stressed the importance of fostering its growth.

Mr. Albert Annan, the Regional Maintenance Manager at the , cautioned transit truck drivers against overloading, emphasizing the detrimental impact on road infrastructure and the need for safety.

Mr. Emmanuel Kuagbelah, the Deputy Operations Manager at Ghana Link, expressed optimism that the stakeholder engagement would facilitate smoother clearance of goods at Ghana's ports, ultimately benefiting the transit trade sector.

The collective efforts of stakeholders, as highlighted in the engagement, are crucial in addressing the challenges facing transit cargo transportation and ensuring the efficient and secure movement of goods across borders.

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