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SCAM: 2 Ghanaian cities, 30 U.S. cities conned into sister-city agreement with fake nation

2 Ghanaian cities, 30 US cities conned into sister-city agreement with fake nation
Nithyananda Paramashivam

What exactly do we have on our hands when two municipalities in Ghana, namely the municipality in the and the Offinso municipality in the enter international ties with KAILASA?

Yes, that's the name of the state, and it's all supposedly to in a bid forge sister-city relationship. Only, KAILASA is not, and has never been a real place.

The self-styled nation of KAILASA has expanded its global diplomatic network by establishing new bilateral agreements with the Republic of Ghana.

These agreements, however, have raised eyebrows and led to scrutiny as KAILASA's questionable background comes to light.

KAILASA, led by Nithyananda, a self-proclaimed godman wanted for rape in , has successfully entered into sister-city relationships with two municipalities in Ghana – Hohoe in the Volta region and Offinso in the Ashanti region.

The partnerships are framed around shared values of cultural understanding, global peace, prosperity, and the promotion of human rights, with a focus on eradicating hunger, fostering youth leadership, and advancing holistic health and education initiatives.


Behind these seemingly diplomatic gestures, The Ghanaian Standard has uncovered a web of lies and controversy surrounding KAILASA.

According to India's FirstPost news, Nithyananda, the brain behind the so-called of KAILASA, fled India in 2019 following allegations of rape in Karnataka.

Claiming to have purchased an island off the coast of Ecuador, he declared the establishment of the United States of KAILASA.

The “nation” has been involved in several deceptive actions, with one instance leading to the sacking of a Paraguayan government official who signed a (MoU) with representatives of KAILASA.

The MoU aimed to establish diplomatic relations between Paraguay and the fictional country, revealing the extent to which officials were deceived.

Hohoe, Offinso, with 30 US cities scammed

The recent sister-city agreements with Ghanaian municipalities mirror a similar incident in Newark, New Jersey, where over 30 American cities, including Newark, signed cultural partnerships with KAILASA.

The revelation led to embarrassment for Newark City Hall, prompting immediate action to rescind the sister-city agreement.

In Ghana, the municipalities of Hohoe and Offinso may have fallen victim to KAILASA's deceptive tactics.

The agreements were reportedly signed without a thorough background check on the legitimacy of KAILASA, resulting in widespread mockery and a subsequent statement from the agriculture ministry in Ghana disassociating the state from the agreements.

KAILASA's UN Endeavors and Global Deception

KAILASA's audacious moves extended to participating in committee meetings in Geneva.

Represented by individuals claiming affiliation with KAILASA, they demanded protection for Nithyananda, citing his alleged persecution.

However, scrutiny and revelations about KAILASA's dubious nature have exposed the extent of the deception.

The United Nations clarified that registration for public events is open to NGOs and the general public, and the treaty bodies determine the credibility of submissions.

The UN meetings marked another chapter in KAILASA's global deception.

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