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Richard Oblitey Commey calls for retired boxers to lead Ghana Boxing Authority

February 26, 2024
Richard Oblitey Commey calls for retired boxers to lead Ghana Boxing Authority
Richard Oblitey Commey

Richard Oblitey Commey, the former International Federation (IBF) lightweight champion, has voiced his support for retired boxers to assume leadership roles within the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA).

Commey, who has faced several bans from the GBA in recent years, drew parallels between the current state of Ghanaian boxing and developments in the football sector. He emphasized the need for a change in leadership to address the challenges facing boxing in the country.

In a Facebook post, the 34-year-old boxer expressed his intention to contest for the presidency of the GBA in the future, aiming to bring about transformative change within the boxing fraternity.

Commey stated, “The situation with the is similar to what's happening with the GBA. It is time for a retired elite boxer to take charge and give boxers the recognition they deserve. I am coming back in a few years to run for President…”

His remarks highlight a growing sentiment among stakeholders in the boxing community for greater representation and advocacy on behalf of boxers' interests.

Currently on hiatus from the ring following a knockout loss against Jose Carlos Ramirez in March 2023, Commey remains committed to championing the cause of Ghanaian boxers and revitalizing the sport's governance structures.

As Commey positions himself for a potential leadership role within the GBA, his advocacy underscores the importance of athlete-driven initiatives and the potential for retired athletes to contribute meaningfully to sports administration and development.

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