PRESED provides cash support to victims of Akosombo dam spillage

PRESED provides cash support to victims of Akosombo dam spillage
Akosombo Dam Spillage

The Presbyterian Relief Services and Development (PRESED), an agency of the of Ghana, has extended financial assistance to individuals affected by the spillage. The cash support, funded by the ACT Alliance, was provided to 1000 individuals, benefiting approximately 5,383 households in the .

The multipurpose cash transfer aims to alleviate the plight of those affected by the dam spillage, enabling them to purchase basic necessities and recover from the impact of the disaster. The support is part of the ACT Alliance's Rapid Response Fund, reflecting the organization's commitment to addressing humanitarian needs.

Mr. Emmanuel Nyarko Ankamah, the Ghana Forum Coordinator of the Alliance and National Coordinator for PRESED, emphasized the alliance's concern for the affected individuals and urged other relief agencies to collaborate on livelihood enhancement programs.

Mrs. Rebecca Sabah, the National Director for Development and Social Services at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, highlighted 's ongoing support for the affected communities. The Church had previously distributed relief items and provided water supply to various locations impacted by the dam spillage.

The Act Alliance, a global faith-based coalition with over 140 members operating in more than 120 countries, focuses on humanitarian aid, gender and climate justice, migration and displacement, and peace and security. The organization promotes a locally led and coordinated approach to advocacy and development issues.

The beneficiaries expressed gratitude for the assistance, with plans to utilize the funds for house repairs, business startups, and other essential needs. The Dam spillage, initiated by the (VRA) in September 2023, affected approximately 36,000 individuals in nine districts. PRESED's response includes cash support and assistance for the most affected farmers, including the replacement of seeds and tools lost to the floods.

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