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PRESEC-Legon inaugurates MISE Problem-Solving Club for creative thinking

February 9, 2024
PRESEC-Legon inaugurates MISE Problem-Solving Club for creative thinking

Mr. Joel Dogoe, Executive Director of the Mathematics Inspired Science and Engineering (MISE) Foundation, advocates for problem-solving activities to enhance students' creative thinking skills. Speaking at the inauguration of the MISE Problem-Solving Club at Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School () in , Dogoe highlighted the importance of problem-solving in developing presentation, communication, and cooperation skills among students.

MISE, an academic enrichment program, aims to nurture exceptional talent and enthusiasm for Mathematics, emphasizing innovative problem-solving. Dogoe emphasized the pivotal role of Mathematics in fostering innovation in Science, Engineering, and Computer Science.

The inauguration at PRESEC-Legon recognizes the school's achievements in Science and Mathematics and aims to cultivate originality and creative thinking among students. Parents, guardians, and are encouraged to support students' participation in MISE programs.

Mr. Prince Sackey Agortey, Assistant Headmaster of Administration at PRESEC-Legon, stressed the importance of problem-solving in fostering students' originality and creative thinking. He encouraged students to persevere with their ideas, which can be developed into ingenious problem-solving solutions.

Master Ethan Nartey, Co-Founder and President of MISE at PRESEC-Legon, highlighted the club's membership criteria, emphasizing passion for Mathematics and Science and possessing problem-solving skills. Currently, the club has about 70 members, and Master Jayden Akpalu, Vice President of MISE, urged colleagues to nurture the club with dedication and enthusiasm.

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