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Police Officer allegedly burns 11-year-old boy’s hand in Eastern Region

April 10, 2024
Police Officer allegedly burns 11-year-old boy's hand in Eastern Region
The 11-year-old boy's hand

In Akyem Oda Old Town within the Birim Central Municipality in the , an 11-year-old boy named Stephen Boadi suffered severe burns to his right palm allegedly as punishment for spending GHC2 given to him by a Police Officer, Edmond Laryea. The young boy, driven by hunger, used the money to purchase food instead of the intended purchase of pure water.

Reports indicate that the actions of the Police Officer have ignited outrage among neighbours, who are calling for justice in response to the incident. Officer Laryea defended his actions, asserting that he was summoned by the child's guardians to discipline him for misbehaviour.

Allegedly, Officer Laryea attempted to intimidate Stephen by placing his hand in a fire, intending to instil fear rather than inflict harm. However, the outcome was tragic, resulting in severe burns to the boy's hand.

Stephen, reportedly an orphan residing with indifferent relatives, has resorted to delinquent behaviour, including theft within the community, due to lack of parental care.

An eyewitness, Justice Owusu, corroborated the incident, describing the distressing sight of Stephen's burnt hand and emphasizing the severity of the situation.

The Police Command in the Municipality has since taken over the matter, launching investigations that have uncovered troubling details about Stephen's circumstances.

The incident has sparked widespread condemnation, with many calling for accountability and justice for Stephen, whose plight highlights the vulnerability of children living without proper parental care and protection.

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