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Participants of Seventh Biennial Social Science Conference recommends further research on COVID-19 effects

April 15, 2024

Participants of the Seventh Biennial Social Science Conference, held at in the , have advocated for deeper research into the impacts of across society. This call was among the resolutions outlined in a communique issued at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), signed by Prof. Anselm Abotsi, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science Education (FSSE). The two-day conference, themed “Bringing the Grown to Town: Governance, Society, and Post-Pandemic Adjustments,” was hosted by the FSSE department at UEW.

The communique highlighted the necessity for bolstered collaboration between research and industry to foster synergy and efficient coordination of research endeavors. It emphasized the vital role of continued funding from government, industry, and research bodies to expand the breadth and depth of research activities at various levels.

The conference drew participants from diverse institutions and countries who shared research findings on globally relevant topics, including “performance expectancy and efforts expectancy.” Intellectuals, lecturers, scholars, experts, and practitioners in social sciences, humanities, and related fields engaged in robust discussions throughout the event.

Prof. Victor Antwi, Pro Vice-Chancellor of UEW, chaired the conference and conveyed compliments from Prof. Joseph Jobson Mitchual, Vice-Chancellor of the University, to the FSSE for organizing the event. He underscored the conference's alignment with the university's mandate of fostering data-driven conversations through research and advocacy.

Prof. Peter Quartey, Director of the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the -Legon, delivered the first keynote address on “Ghana's Economy and the Post-COVID Adjustment.” He highlighted challenges faced by developing countries even before the pandemic and outlined strategies for Ghana's economic recovery post-COVID-19, including the creation of a debt servicing fund and broadening the tax base.

Prof. Samuel Kobina Annim, the Government Statistician, addressed the conference on “Bringing the Statistical Grown to Town: Governance, Society, and Post-Pandemic Adjustments.” He stressed the importance of data-driven discussions and solutions in addressing current developmental challenges, advocating for support and collaboration to enhance data literacy and transparency.

In the second keynote address titled “Bringing the Grown to Town: The Role of (AI),” Prof. Samuel Kojo Kwofie, Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Ghana, explored the implications of AI and machine learning in understanding societal issues. He recommended the development of supportive policies, regulations, and infrastructure, as well as increased funding and training opportunities for Ghanaians in the field of AI.

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