On-road traders cause of pedestrian knockdowns – GPRTU

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On-road traders cause of pedestrian knockdowns - GPRTU
On-road traders

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union () in , , has expressed concern over the encroachment of traders onto roads, impeding pedestrian safety. Mr. Moses Antwi, the Vice Chairman for the branch, highlighted the challenges faced by members in ensuring pedestrian safety, emphasizing the necessity of relocating traders away from the streets.

In an interview with the , Mr Antwi noted that despite the GPRTU's efforts to engage its members in prioritizing pedestrian safety, the situation remains untenable without addressing the issue of traders occupying roadways and walkways. The invasion of roads by traders, coupled with a lack of proper road crossing signs, contributes significantly to pedestrian knockdown incidents.

Mr. Antwi identified the occupation of road portions by traders, especially in areas meant for vehicles, as a major challenge. He raised concerns about the ineffectiveness of the task force responsible for moving traders from roads, citing political interference as a hindrance to their operations.

The outer lanes designed to facilitate smooth navigation for drivers are reportedly occupied by traders, disrupting traffic flow. Mr. Antwi stressed that it is not the responsibility of drivers to address this issue, but rather the duty of relevant authorities to ensure road safety.

He expressed dismay at the threat posed by traders to drivers attempting to access occupied portions, creating an environment conducive to pedestrian knockdown incidents. Another issue highlighted by Mr Antwi is the use of motorbikes and tricycles (Pragya), with many drivers lacking knowledge of road usage and signs.

Welfare Chairman for the GPRTU, Alidu Fuseini, commended Superintendent of Police Hannah Adjei, the Central East MTTD commander, for consistent efforts in clearing roads. However, he noted that despite these efforts, traders often return to the roads, attributing the recurrence to political interference.

The GPRTU calls for collaborative efforts and effective measures to address the challenges posed by traders on roads, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

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