Local Government Ministry to inaugurate District Assemblies

Local Government Ministry to inaugurate District Assemblies
Golden Jubilee House

The Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development (MLGDR), in collaboration with the Office of the President, is set to inaugurate newly constituted District Assemblies on Monday.

The inauguration ceremony will facilitate the swearing-in of recently elected and appointed members of the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs), marking a significant step towards enhancing local governance and decentralization.

According to a statement issued by Madam Matilda Tettey, Head of the Public Relations Unit of the Ministry, the initiative aligns with efforts to deepen the country's local governance system and promote participatory decision-making at the grassroots level.

The statement highlighted the constitutional mandate outlined in Article 35 Clause 6 (d) of the 1992 Constitution, which emphasizes the state's responsibility to promote decentralization and popular participation in governance by providing opportunities for citizen involvement in decision-making across all levels of government.

Furthermore, Section 16 (1) of the Local Governance Act, 2016, Act 936, underscores the role of Assembly members in maintaining close contact with their respective electoral areas, consulting constituents on pertinent issues, and actively engaging in communal and development activities.

In light of these provisions and the government's steadfast commitment to enhancing local governance, the statement encouraged citizens to actively participate in the operations of the District Assemblies. It emphasized the importance of citizens' involvement in decision-making processes within their communities through collaboration with Assembly members.

As the District Assemblies prepare for inauguration, the Ministry and the Office of the President call upon all citizens to embrace their civic responsibilities and contribute to the advancement of local governance initiatives in Ghana.

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