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Lands Commission collaborates with NIA to eliminate middle man in land registration process

February 3, 2024
Lands Commission collaborates with NIA to eliminate middle man in land registration process

The Lands Commission in Ghana is working in collaboration with the (NIA) to improve the land registration process by using the GhanaCard for the verification of grantors and grantees.

The initiative aims to eliminate intermediaries or “middlemen” in the land registration space, ensuring direct communication with the individuals involved in land transactions. Mr. Benjamin Arthur, the Acting Executive Secretary of the Commission, emphasized the importance of dealing directly with grantors and grantees on record and not their agents.

The collaboration with the NIA involves using the GhanaCard for verification, allowing the Lands Commission to communicate directly with the parties involved in land transactions.

The integration of the GhanaCard in the verification process is expected to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the land registration system. Mr. Arthur mentioned the possibility of implementing a “No GhanaCard, No Registration” policy to further streamline the registration process.

The Lands Commission is also introducing additional features in the plan approval process to expedite the publication of title applications upon receipt. The goal is to improve the overall service delivery of the Commission and contribute to its corporate image redemption.

The Commission's efforts align with its five-year Business Strategic Plan (2023-2027), which outlines goals such as financial sustainability, digital reforms, corporate image enhancement, and staff competence development.

During the Executive Secretary's Annual Briefing and launching of the Staff Awards Scheme, Mr Arthur called for teamwork among staff and management to achieve the desired goals.

The Deputy Minister of , Mr Benito Owusu-Bio, expressed confidence in the Commission's leadership and highlighted the Ministry's plans for the year, including digital transformation in land administration activities and the completion of a new Lands Commission head office. He emphasized the importance of the Commission's credibility and efficiency in serving the public.

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