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Kenya Tourism Board promotes West Africa market expansion

February 7, 2024
Kenya Tourism Board promotes West Africa market expansion
The Kenya Tourism Board

The Tourism Board (KTB) has identified the West African market as a pivotal component in broadening the country's destination portfolio and diversifying its tourist source markets. Highlighting and Ghana as key areas of growth, the KTB has launched the “ Roadshow” to showcase Kenya's travel destinations and foster partnerships within the region.

Madam Fiona Ngesa, the Marketing Manager-Business Development at the Kenya Tourism Board, emphasized the significance of promoting intra-African travel and understanding the dynamics of the travel market. The Roadshow, conducted in collaboration with Kenya Airways and over 15 travel trade companies, aims to activate interest in Kenya's offerings for both business and leisure travelers across Nigeria and Ghana.

The initiative seeks to boost tourist arrivals from West Africa by facilitating business-to-business interactions and promoting Kenya's diverse tourism opportunities. Madam Ngesa underscored the importance of collaboration and relationship-building to enhance the travel landscape within Africa.

The strategy for the next five years focuses on growing African arrivals, with Ghana and Nigeria identified as key market operators in the region. Ghana's existing governmental relationships and mutual objectives have paved the way for continued cooperation in expanding tourism.

Mr Eliphas Barine, High Commissioner of Kenya to Ghana, emphasized the need for strengthened institutions and partnerships to drive growth and development in Africa. He highlighted the commitment of the Kenyan Government to foster existing relationships and harness private sector involvement for economic advancement.

Mrs. Susan Ongalo, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Tourism Federation, emphasized the Federation's role in facilitating collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Federation advocates for a conducive business environment and promotes sustainable tourism through effective representation of private sector interests.

With active private sector bodies representing various facets of the tourism industry, including tour operators, hoteliers, and travel agents, Kenya aims to leverage these partnerships to enhance its tourism offerings and drive economic growth in the region.


  1. Targeting Ghana and Nigeria not strategic enough, the Kenya Tourism Board should also consider other West African economies

  2. This initiative by the Kenya Tourism Board is a fantastic way to expand Kenya’s tourism market. By targeting West Africa, they’re tapping into a region with great potential for growth. Excited to see the impact of the ‘West Africa Roadshow’

  3. While targeting new markets is essential, the Kenya Tourism Board should also focus on improving infrastructure and addressing safety concerns within the country. Without addressing these issues, attracting tourists may prove challenging.

  4. I hope the ‘West Africa Roadshow’ includes efforts to educate potential tourists about Kenya’s conservation efforts and responsible ecotourism practices. It’s crucial to ensure that increased tourism doesn’t harm the country’s natural beauty. Our environment is a mess at it is already.

  5. It’s refreshing to see Kenya prioritizing intra-African travel. Building strong partnerships within the continent is key to boosting tourism and fostering economic growth. Kudos to the KTB for taking proactive steps!

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