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GSA, FORIG to test and certify imported and local furniture products  

April 1, 2024
GSA, FORIG to test and certify imported and local furniture products  

The (GSA) and the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (CSIR-FORIG) have announced plans to commence testing and certification of all imported and locally manufactured furniture products before they are sold on the Ghanaian market. This decision stems from concerns about the negative health implications of poorly manufactured furniture products.

At a workshop for stakeholders in the wood and furniture industry, Prof Alex Dodoo, the Director-General of the GSA, emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and quality of furniture. He highlighted the prevalence of work-related injuries caused by substandard furniture, urging stakeholders to prioritize furniture quality.

The workshop, jointly organized by GSA and CSIR-FORIG, aimed to address issues related to the testing and certification of wood and furniture products in the country. Prof Dodoo noted that Ghana boasts the most modern internationally accredited wood and furniture testing centre in Africa, which is ready to offer services for furniture testing.

Emphasizing the significance of furniture quality, Prof Dodoo stated that the GSA's Inspectorate division would ensure that all imported furniture met national standards, while locally manufactured furniture would be certified to a standard.

Prof Daniel Ofori, Director of CSIR-FORIG, outlined the institute's role in undertaking demand-driven research and promoting the sustainable management of forest resources. He highlighted the wood industry and utilization program, which focuses on developing technologies for efficient processing and utilization of wood and non-wood forest products.

CSIR-FORIG's expertise in wood science and technologies enables them to conduct tests on furniture products, ensuring durability, stability, and strength. These tests are essential for meeting health and safety requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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