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Ghana Football Association partners with Tecno

December 20, 2023
Ghana Football Association partners with Tecno

The (GFA) has inked a six-month agreement with Tecno Mobile, solidifying their partnership and designating Tecno Mobile as the official smartphone partner of the GFA.

This collaboration aims to elevate football by leveraging technology to ignite the passion of fans and enhance various aspects of the sport.

Mr. Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku, President of the Ghana Football Association, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that discussions between the two entities had been ongoing for several years.

He highlighted the historical connection between Tecno Mobile and the Confederation of African Football (), and he emphasized the significance of this new alliance between the GFA and Tecno.

President Simeon-Okraku underscored that the partnership would not only benefit players and fans but would also play a crucial role in supporting the work of match officials, contributing to the overall growth of the sport.

The GFA President deemed the timing of the announcement opportune, coinciding with the upcoming 2023 Africa Cup of Nations () tournament scheduled for next year.

Mr. Ernest Sonkoh, Channel Manager of Tecno Ghana, shared his excitement about the agreement during the event.

He highlighted Tecno Mobile's commitment to football development, having also secured a partnership with CAF as the official smartphone sponsor ahead of the AFCON.

Sonkoh emphasized that the partnership would serve as a game-changer for fans and players, fostering the growth of football talents in Ghana and across the continent.

He outlined Tecno Mobile's commitment to providing financial and technical support to the GFA and sponsoring various football events and activities, including the , the FA Cup, National Teams, and other initiatives.

Confident in the potential impact of the collaboration, Sonkoh expressed his belief that the partnership would contribute to nurturing dreams, inspiring young people, and showcasing Ghana's undeniable football talent to the world.

The agreement marks a significant step in merging technology and football to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for fans and players alike.

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