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Ghana and Malawi establish visa waiver agreement

March 28, 2024
Ghana and Malawi establish visa waiver agreement

To strengthen bilateral relations and enhance existing cooperation, the governments of Ghana and have signed a visa waiver agreement. The agreement, which took effect on February 7, 2024, allows citizens of both countries holding ordinary, diplomatic, and service passports to travel visa-free between the two nations.

Under this agreement, travellers from Ghana and Malawi are permitted to transit through, depart from, and stay in the territory of either country for a cumulative period of up to 90 days within a calendar year. This arrangement aims to facilitate seamless travel and foster closer ties between the two nations.

The and Regional Integration issued a statement announcing the visa waiver agreement and encouraged the travelling public to take note of the new arrangement. With this development, citizens of Ghana and Malawi can now enjoy hassle-free travel between the two countries, further promoting people-to-people exchanges and economic cooperation.

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