Free SHS: Food Suppliers Association issues ultimatum over 18 months unpaid debts, threatens protest

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The National Food Suppliers Association has taken a decisive stance by issuing a 14-day ultimatum to the National Food Buffer Stock Company, demanding immediate payment for outstanding debts.

Expressing their concern, the association highlighted the adverse effects of delayed payments on their credibility and ability to sustain their businesses. Despite previous efforts to draw attention to their grievances, the government has allegedly remained unresponsive to their pleas.

In light of the lack of action, the association's spokesperson, Kwaku Amedume, announced plans to hold a protest at the premises of the National Food Buffer Stock Company once the ultimatum period expires.

Mr Amedume emphasized the prolonged period during which the Buffer Stock Company has failed to settle payments owed to their members, specifically relating to the supply of foodstuffs to senior high schools.

He cited numerous letters and attempts to engage with relevant authorities, all of which have proven unsuccessful in securing payment.

“We are by this press conference, serving notice to the National Food Buffer Stock Company that failure to pay us in fourteen days from now, we will resort to picketing at the offices of the National Food Buffer Stock Company,” Mr Amedume warned.

In response to the situation, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey, a member of the Food and Agriculture Committee of , urged the government to promptly settle its debt to the National Food Buffer Stock Company.

This settlement would enable the company to release funds owed to the National Food Suppliers Association.

Speaking to , Mr Gakpey emphasized the importance of timely payments, highlighting their role in supporting the Free Senior High School policy.

He also expressed disappointment in the National Food Buffer Stock Company's inability to adequately preserve food items for emergency situations.

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