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ECOWAS remains a symbol of security – Ambassador

March 2, 2024
ECOWAS remains a symbol of security – Ambassador

The Economic Community of West African States () continues to maintain its political and military influence in the region despite facing challenges stemming from its turbulent history of political instability. This assertion was highlighted by Madam Perpetua O. Dufu, Coordinating Director of Multilateral and International Organisations at the .

Speaking at a workshop in organized by the Ministry of in collaboration with Media Response, a Civil Society Organisation, Madam Dufu emphasized ECOWAS's role as a symbol and tool of security. She underscored ECOWAS's mechanisms for conflict prevention, mediation, and peacekeeping as still intact, despite past upheavals.

The workshop aimed to sensitize the youth on ECOWAS protocols and educate participants on programs and activities by ECOWAS to enhance the well-being of the youth. Attendees included heads of ministries, departments, and agencies, students from secondary and tertiary institutions, , National Service Personnel, traditional authorities, and youth club Associations.

Madam Dufu highlighted ECOWAS's dedication to fostering economic collaboration among member states and elevating collective living standards. Despite the region's history of instability, ECOWAS has asserted political and military influence, notably mediating and resolving crises in , , and .

However, Madam Dufu acknowledged persisting challenges, including military coups in the Sahel region and recent withdrawals of member states from ECOWAS. She emphasized the need for member states to unite and uphold peace, security, and economic stability.

Ghana's alignment with ECOWAS's interests was reiterated, with a commitment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to collaborate with member states to address ongoing challenges in the sub-region.

The ECOWAS Youth Policy, presented by Alhaji Mohammed Saani Adams, Head of Policy Coordinating, Monitoring, and Evaluation at the Ministry of , seeks to mobilize and involve youth in the region's development processes. It emphasizes youth participation, youth-driven policies, and promoting peace, security, and development in .

The workshop served as a platform to educate and engage the youth in ECOWAS's objectives, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping the region's future. As ECOWAS navigates challenges, including political transitions and security threats, collaborative efforts and youth involvement remain essential for fostering stability and prosperity in West Africa.

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