Dear Twellium Ghana, if EPA Ghana was awake, your factory would’ve been shut down

Ningo-prampram MP Sam George takes on Twellium Ghana over environmental health violations

Dear Twellium Ghana,

It has been over a year since Se Lorm drew my attention to the mess you have created around his residence.

It is unfortunate that our institutions of State have failed to act. If the , Ghana was awake to its responsibilities, your factory would have been shut down for numerous violations.

I believe that it is high time as Ghanaians, we begin a boycott of your products – American Cola, Verna Natural Mineral Water, Rush Energy Drink, bubble Up, Rasta Choco Malt, Planet Drinks, run energy Drink, It's BIGoo, Easy flavoured drinks, Dr Malt – if you continue to harass this Ghanaian citizen in his Motherland.

Maybe, that would wake you up to respect the rights of a Ghanaian in Ghana. We would all become his voice and speak up for him. Enough is certainly enough! 🦁🇬🇭


After my post yesterday, I got a call from a friend who said he was reaching out on behalf of Twellium Ghana and they wanted to meet with me to discuss the issues concerning Se Lorm. I insisted any meeting would be with Se Lorm in attendance.

We met this morning and Barnabas Nii Laryea joined us. Both sides raised their issues and concerns. A road map to a complete permanent resolution of the issues raised was arrived at. Both parties are pleased with the current road map.

It is my hope that we would successfully implement the road map and arrive at a position both parties are pleased with. I urge us all to hold our righteous anger and support both sides to resolve the matter in a mutually beneficial manner.

Cheers to Ghana! 🦁🇬🇭

Sam Nartey George

Hon Samuel Nartey George is MP for Ningo-Prampram, Deputy Ranking Member of Parliament's Communications and Member of Accounts Committees

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