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Assin Fosu identified as hub for organized crimes – EOCO

February 29, 2024
Assin Fosu identified as hub for organized crimes - EOCO
Assin Fosu

, situated in the of Ghana, has emerged as a significant hub for serious organized crimes, according to the Economic and Organized Crime Office (). The revelation comes as EOCO sheds light on the well-established leadership structure within criminal groups operating in the area.

Leo Anthony Siamah, Deputy Head of Legal and Prosecution at EOCO, highlighted that these criminal groups in Assin Fosu are primarily involved in and bank fraud. He noted a structured hierarchy within these groups, comprising three or four layers of leadership. This organizational model includes reporting directions from bottom to top, indicating a level of control in their operations.

However, one of the major challenges faced in combating these criminal networks is their connections to influential figures, including politicians. Mr. Siamah emphasized that during investigations, individuals with political affiliations often emerge, complicating the process. The Deputy Head expressed concerns about the attempts to establish connections between the criminals and influential figures, making the investigative process more intricate.

In addition to their ties to powerful figures, EOCO revealed that these criminal groups have now turned to cryptocurrency as a means to launder money into the country. Mr. Siamah pointed out that some Ghanaians are using forms of cryptocurrency, posing significant challenges to law enforcement agencies.

Highlighting the complications, Mr. Siamah referred to a directive from the , stating that individuals entering the country through entry points are required to declare any amount exceeding ten thousand dollars. However, the use of cryptocurrency complicates enforcement, as it allows individuals to launder substantial amounts of money without easy identification.

The intersection of organized crime, political connections, and the adoption of cryptocurrency presents a multifaceted challenge for authorities aiming to curb illicit activities in Assin Fosu. EOCO acknowledges the need for innovative strategies to address the evolving nature of criminal operations and their impact on the region's security landscape.

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