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Anlo-Afiadenyigba drivers displeased over deplorable roads

February 19, 2024
Anlo-Afiadenyigba drivers displeased over deplorable roads
Anlo-Afiadenyigba road

Drivers and residents in Anlo-Afiadenyigba, Havedzi, and neighbouring communities in the Municipality of the have voiced their frustration and anger over the deplorable state of the road network in the area. They highlighted that the untarred roads, which have existed for decades, are now full of trenches, dusty, and pose a significant risk, particularly during the rainy season.

Mr December Atinyo, a taxi driver at Anlo-Afiadenyigba junction, expressed concern about the deteriorating condition of the road, which has made it nearly impassable. He lamented the financial burden placed on drivers due to the constant need for vehicle repairs caused by the poor road conditions.

Madam Rejoice Shigbadie, a provision shop owner along the Anlo-Afiadenyigba road, shared the challenges faced by businesses along the route. She explained how the accumulation of dust on her goods drives away customers, resulting in significant financial losses.

Despite numerous complaints and pleas to the authorities and government, residents have yet to witness any improvement in the road conditions. Madam Shigbadie appealed to philanthropists, corporate organizations, and the government to intervene and address the challenges to prevent further deterioration.

In a commendable effort, some youth in Anlo-Afiadenyigba have voluntarily contributed towards improving the deplorable township road. However, ongoing government interventions to construct the road have reportedly stalled for about two years, leaving residents and drivers in a state of uncertainty and distress.

The situation underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts from both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to rehabilitate and maintain the road infrastructure in the Keta Municipality, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and commuters alike.

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