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Alhaji Osman Musah CEO of Insaan Company Limited commissions ultra-modern facility for Faisalia Islamic Arabic School

February 1, 2024
Alhaji Osman Musah commissions ultra-modern facility for Faisalia Islamic Arabic School
Faisalia Islamic Arabic School ultra-modern facility

In a commendable effort to uplift education in the Municipality, Alhaji Osman Musah, the CEO of Insaan Company Limited, has inaugurated an ultra-modern facility for Faisalia Islamic Arabic School. This institution holds sentimental value as it's Alhaji Musah's former school. The newly commissioned facility encompasses an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center, a Library, ' Staff Common Room, and a Headmaster's Office, all designed to significantly enhance the quality of teaching and learning within the school.

With a direct aim to positively impact education, the facility is anticipated to benefit over 400 students in the Yendi Municipality and surrounding areas. Alhaji Musah's philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in his commitment to contribute to the development of his hometown, Yendi.

Alhaji Musah views this initiative as an integral part of his company's Corporate Social Responsibility (). The project reflects a meaningful and sustainable contribution toward the advancement of education, aligning with the broader social goals of Insaan Company Limited.

Recognizing the importance of sustaining the facility's benefits over the long term, Alhaji Musah emphasized the need for a maintenance culture. Both teachers and pupils are encouraged to adopt practices that will preserve the infrastructure and its amenities.

The Headmaster of Faisalia Islamic Arabic School, Mr. Alidu Ahmed Arimiyaw, expressed sincere gratitude for the new facility. He believes that the provision of this new block will serve as a motivational factor for students, fostering academic excellence and potentially leading to an increase in admissions.

Alhaji Ahmed Yussuf Abubakar, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Yendi, conveyed appreciation to Alhaji Musah for his philanthropic gesture. He assured Alhaji Musah of the community's commitment to maintaining the facility, recognizing its significance in advancing education in the municipality.

In a formal handover ceremony, the keys to the new facility were presented to both the MCE and the Headmaster. Family members of Alhaji Musah, along with the school's founder, were present during this symbolic occasion, underscoring the collaborative effort involved in this philanthropic initiative.

Education stands out as one of the primary focuses in Insaan Company's CSR approach. Alhaji Osman Musah's initiative exemplifies the positive impact that private sector involvement and philanthropy can have on education, contributing significantly to the holistic development of local communities.

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