Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive calls for commitment to national interest in inauguration address

Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive calls for commitment to national interest in inauguration address
Assemblymembers of Accra

Mrs Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey, the Metropolitan Chief Executive, urged newly inaugurated members of the Assembly to prioritize the interests of the nation and their communities above all else in the discharge of their duties. Speaking at the inauguration and swearing-in of the ninth Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mrs Sackey emphasized the importance of upholding ethical conduct and accountability to ensure development for the electorate and deepen the decentralization process.

In accordance with Article 35 Clause 6 (d) of the 1992 Constitution, which promotes decentralization and popular participation in governance, 28 out of the 30 assembly members were sworn in, with Justice Susana Aduffo administering the oath. However, two government appointees were unable to be sworn in due to absence and objections from some assembly members regarding the appointment process.

Mrs Sackey highlighted the significant achievements of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly over the years, particularly in decentralization efforts, environmental sanitation management, revenue mobilization, and stakeholder engagement. She urged the newly inaugurated members to support the Assembly's initiatives and continue building on the foundation laid by their predecessors to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Furthermore, Mrs Sackey charged the assembly members to uphold the trust placed in them by the electorate and work diligently to fulfil their aspirations. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the responsibility entrusted to them by the electorate and urged them to serve with pride and determination.

Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, a Council of State Member, representing the President, commended the inauguration of the newly elected and appointed assembly members as a significant milestone in deepening decentralization in the country. She highlighted the progress made in decentralization reforms over the past three and a half decades and encouraged assembly members to collaborate with local structures to facilitate the work of the Assembly.

Overall, the inauguration marked a pivotal moment in Ghana's decentralization journey, bringing government closer to the people and emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership and community engagement in local governance.

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