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Who are the pioneers of Chinese modernisation? 

December 18, 2023
China's Economic Transformation: A Journey of Innovations and Governance
The city of Shanghai China

boasts a millennia-long history, once leading the world's GDP in the 19th century. However, the Qing Dynasty's end ushered in a closed era, marked by foreign invasions and economic lethargy.

Pre-1970s reform, China, with a meagre GDP share of 1.5%, struggled as a poor nation globally.

The reform era witnessed a remarkable shift, propelling China's GDP to 18% of the world's total in 2022, with projections reaching 20% shortly.

The transformation's depth and complexity find roots in the innovative spirit of the Chinese people.

The late 1970s introduced the Household Responsibility System, originating from an Anhui Province commune, garnering national approval. Migrant workers, toiling in early harsh conditions, significantly contributed to China's modernization.

Their increasing wages reflect societal development.

Today's technological innovations primarily from visionary individuals founding private companies.

The multifaceted contributions of the Chinese people are not incidental but deliberate.

The government's leadership capacity is evident across various levels, marked by dedication and competence.

China's poverty alleviation strategies set specific targets for officials, with promotions contingent on goal achievement.

Rigorous independent assessments prevent malpractices, underscoring the government's commitment.

The political system prioritizes performance management, acknowledging its role as the driving force behind Chinese modernization.

Seeking truth from facts, a Deng Xiaoping strategy metaphor involves experiments and policy adjustments, as seen in the success of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Free Trade Zones (FTZs).

The establishment of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2013 exemplifies cautious policy expansion after proven success.

China's commitment to trials in specific locations, and gathering feedback for policy improvement before large-scale deployment, underscores its governance prowess.

As a formidable nation, prudent policies are crucial, emphasizing China's adept ability to govern effectively.

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